In December, the Jerusalem Music Centre held a training workshop for Israeli band conductors from across Israel. The goal was to help improve the musical experience and strengthen the rapport that is necessary between conductors and band members for a cohesive performance.

Dr. Joseph Missal, a world-renowned band conductor from Oklahoma State University, was chosen to lead this workshop. Dr. Missal is a world-renowned band conductor. At OSU he conducts the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Chamber Winds and guides all aspects of the OSU Band Program. He also directs the graduate conducting program, and serves as Chairman of the Wind and Percussion Division. His ensembles have performed all over the world, and he has been in Israel before and has a very good reputation here.

OKIE was excited to be a partner with the Jerusalem Music Centre, offering this opportunity to the more than 70 youth bands from across Israel.

OKIE - Jerusalem Music Centre Partnership a Great Success
Dr. Joseph Missal talks about the
music workshop